Posted On: February 06, 2018
Posted On: September 08, 2017
Posted On: August 08, 2017
Posted On: June 06, 2017

HX-80LA Low Ammonia Liquid Latex


HX-80LA has the same characteristics as HX-80 ammoniated latex.  It is slightly lower in solids content but has less noticeable odor of ammonia.

HX-80LA is a vulcanizeable Natural Latex compounded from specially processed Latex with a high solids content, which minimizes shrinkage.  HX-80LA is therefore suitable for making rubber molds by painting, brushing or spraying.  The special method of compounding, and its high solid content, permit reproduction of the finest detail.  It's major uses have been in the manufacture of ornamental concrete, imitation stone, resin figures, wax candles, and isostatic molding bags.

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